Central Station - Enda O’Donoghue

Central Station - Enda O’Donoghue

Irish artist explores themes found in photographs found online

Enda O’Donoghue is an Irish artist who has been living and working in Berlin since 2002. He originally studied computer programming before changing to visual art and has worked professionally as a web designer, internet developer and in various dotcom businesses.

The images in his paintings all come from the net. Searching through online social networks and blogs on an ongoing basis, he compulsively collects and catalogues photographs that he finds. The photos he works with are most often the throwaway shots which otherwise gather digital dust buried away on hard-drives, camera chips, mobile phones or uploaded and then lost or forgotten someplace on the Web. With each image he paints he is meticulous about tracing the ownership and requesting permission. The process of painting from these images is slow and methodical, firstly dissecting the image into sections on paper and then working over periods of weeks or months to reconstruct the image section by section as a painting. He has recently had a solo exhibition at Galerie Hunchentoot in Berlin and his work was featured at the 2010 Expo in Shanghai and in 2009 he had a solo exhibition at the Irish Art Center in New York. His work has also been shown recently in Copenhagen, Paris, London, Toronto and throughout Ireland and Germany.

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