Doctor Who's Christmas carol

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  • 14 November 2010
'Doctor Who' actor Matt Smith

Matt Smith

'Doctor Who' stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will sing a Christmas carol as a festive treat for fans of the BBC One sci-fi drama

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are going to sing a Christmas carol as a special festive treat for 'Doctor Who' fans.

The actor - who plays the Time Lord in the BBC One sci-fi series - and his co-star have decided to record a traditional Yule Tide song which will air on 'Doctor Who Confidential' ahead of the show's Christmas special.

Matt revealed: "We are going to sing for 'Doctor Who Confidential'. We're going to do a carol for people. It's going to be fun, I'm feeling really festive and I like being festive.

"I'm way into the whole Christmas thing at the moment. I'm so pleased that the adverts have started."

The 28-year-old star is also very excited about the upcoming 'Doctor Who' Christmas special - which will air on Christmas Day (25.12.10).

He added: "It's as Christmasy as it comes in 'Doctor Who' land. It's loosely based on a 'Christmas Carol' with a time travelling twist. Stephen has managed to reinvent it. I think those two things marry quite well together - 'Doctor Who' and Christmas."

The holiday episode stars opera singer Katherine Jenkins and 'Harry Potter' actor Michael Gambon as well as Karen in her usual role as The Doctor's companion Amy Pond.

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