Matt Smith thrilled with Doctor Who game

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  • 10 November 2010
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan flanked by two Cybermen at the HMV store in Oxford Street, London, today (08.11.10).

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan

Matt Smith was thrilled to be able to lend his voice and be part of the new 'Doctor Who' video game

Matt Smith is thrilled with the new 'Doctor Who' video game.

The Time Lord and his assistant Amy Pond - who are played by the 28-year-old actor and actress Karen Gillan in the BBC One sc-fi show respectively - have become pixelated characters in the new Nintendo Wii title 'Doctor Who: Return To Earth'.

Matt and Karen both lent their voices to the adventure and according to the game's writer Oli Smith the actor was very excited to be part of the project.

Oli told BANG Showbiz: "The idea of the game thrilled Matt straight away - but Matt's thrown himself into everything to do with the role as The Doctor.

"I don't think Matt and Karen have had a chance to play the game yet but they're very enthusiastic about it. It was the best day of my life when they came in to do the voice parts."

Oli - who has written a number of 'Doctor Who' novels, comic strips and audio adventures - also revealed it was decided from the beginning that The Daleks and the Cybermen would be the monsters The Doctor would face in the game.

He added: "The Daleks were a must have, you would be foolish to have The Doctor's first Wii game and not have the classic monsters! We had to make sure The Daleks and the Cybermen were really scary and were a real big deal when they arrive in the game."

Fans can buy a special Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote to use to play 'Doctor Who: Return To Earth' - which is released on Friday (12.11.10).

A second game, 'Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth', is being released for the Nintendo DS console on Friday as well.

Earlier this week, Matt revealed he wants to face the Cybermen in the next series of the show.

He said: "Who would I like to face from the old series? Well I've not really properly faced a Cyberman yet. But I want it to be an old school Cyberman like the ones in 'Tomb of the Cybermen'."

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