Quiz couple get second chance

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  • 10 November 2010
Big Brother host Davina McCall

Davina McCall

A couple who were booted off Davina McCall's 'Million Pound Drop' - despite giving the correct answer to a key question - will be given the chance to return to the quiz show

A couple who were booted off Davina McCall's 'Million Pound Drop' have been given a second chance on the quiz show.

Despite giving the correct answer to a key question, husband and wife Johnny and Dee lost out on a potential £325,000 prize on last Friday night's (05.11.10) programme.

However, the pair will now return for an another attempt at 'Million Pound Drop' after a number of viewers complained to Channel 4.

Davina had asked them who was the longest-serving 'Doctor Who' star out of a list of actors, but the pair - who were given £1million to gamble on the programme's eight questions - couldn't decide.

They decided to split their remaining £650,000 between actors Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann, but Davina informed them the correct answer was David Tennant.

However, fans of the sci-fi BBC One series were adamant it was McCoy, who played the Timelord from 1987 to 1989, as well as in a 1996 film.

Producers have since admitted they were wrong and that McCoy was, in fact, the correct answer.

A C4 spokesman said: "Having spoken to the Dr Who production team at the BBC, the producers have confirmed the answer was Sylvester McCoy and not David Tennant.

"This is due to Sylvester McCoy's final appearance in a 1996 TV movie.

"We apologise for this oversight and as a result, the contestants, Johnny and Dee, will return to finish the game this Friday or Saturday at 10pm."

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