Katie Waissel's drunken rant

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  • 8 November 2010
Katie Waissel

Katie Waissel

'X Factor' hopeful Katie Waissel reportedly stunned her fellow contestants by subjecting them to a drunken rant, in which she claimed to be the best singer in the competition

Katie Waissel stunned 'X Factor' contestants by subjecting them to a drunken rant last night (07.11.10).

The controversial 24-year-old - who narrowly escaped elimination from the ITV1 show for the third time after finding herself alongside Treyc Cohen in the bottom two last night - reportedly downed an entire bottle of whisky before ripping into the show, saying she was the most talented singer.

She allegedly ranted: "I'm the f***ing best singer here. I've had to put up with sh*t on this show. Everyone else has got it f***ing easy."

The blonde hopeful was said to be fuming after her Saturday night performance was panned by the show's judges, and decided to smuggle in the alcohol to drown her sorrows.

However, while Katie's mentor Cheryl Cole was initially sympathetic following the public's negative reaction to the aspiring star, she is now "getting sick" of working with someone who is such a drama queen.

An insider explained: "Katie was as p****d as a fart. She smuggled the bottle in. She was steaming.

"Cheryl missed the drama with the drink but she is furious. She called Katie a drama queen on telly on Saturday and said she liked that aspect of her, but now she is getting sick of it."

It would appear Katie's fellow contestants are also growing tired of her alleged attention-seeking behaviour.

The source added to the Daily Star newspaper: "At the start of the contest people felt sorry for her over the negative press she got, but as the weeks have gone on they realised they were played like fools by her. She is a manipulative little madam and everything that happens to her happens for a reason - to get publicity.

"And now she is getting drunk, does she really think the public will sympathise with her if she makes out she is turning to booze to cope? It's a joke. She thinks this is The Katie Show. It isn't. Every week she is getting more desperate and more hated."

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