TV Burp 'almost axed'

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  • 5 November 2010
Harry Hill

Harry Hill

Harry Hill has revealed his 'TV Burp' show was almost axed by ITV when it first began, as the channel's bosses deemed its title too offensive

Harry Hill's 'TV Burp' was almost axed when the series first began.

The former doctor has revealed when the show was first introduced to ITV it failed to impress the channel's bosses - who believed its name was too offensive - until its scheduled slot was changed, and 'TV Burp' started to win industry awards.

Harry explained: "Those were dark days. They made a mistake one year and put it on after 6pm and the ratings did really well.

"Then we started winning awards and ITV realised they couldn't change the name. The relationship has been brilliant ever since."

The comedian - who recently signed a £5 million deal to stay at ITV - admitted he still has a "get-out clause" in his contract so he can quit the show, which regularly pulls in more than seven million viewers, if the demands of being a TV host get too much.

He added to Buzz magazine: "Watching TV is all-consuming. I always get sloshed on the last Sunday before it starts as I know it's the last time I'll be able to do it for months," he admitted.

"I've got a get-out clause after each one, in case it gets too much or the show becomes crap."

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