Malachy and Mercedes' baby reunion

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 November 2010
Jennifer Metcalfe

Jennifer Metcalfe

Estranged couple Mercedes and Malachy Fisher reunite after Mercedes agrees to give her husband the baby he has always dreamed of

Hollyoaks' Mercedes and Malachy Fisher are to reunite after Mercedes agrees to have a baby.

The estranged couple - who parted ways after the man-eater refused to settle down and commit to the Irish hunk - will reignite their marriage after the brunette bombshell agrees to give her husband the child he has always wanted.

Jennifer Metcalfe - who plays Mercedes in the Channel 4 soap - explained: "Mercedes' mum Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane) does some matchmaking with her and Mal (Glen Wallace), and they manage to patch things up. They look after baby Angel, which gives Mercedes a sense of belonging - so she impulsively tells Mal that she wants them to have a child.

"He's wanted a kid before, but Mercedes wasn't ready. Mal loves the idea of them being parents."

However, the couple's baby dreams look set to be shattered when they are both caught up in the blaze that sweeps through Il Nosh restaurant at the end of the week.

Jennifer added to Inside Soap magazine: "They're dead happy and taking about their plans when the massive blast knocks them both off their feet. Things look pretty bad for the pair of them."

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