Adrian Chiles to front chatshow

Adrian Chiles is to front his own chatshow in a bid to turn the host into the UK's answer to Australian king of chat Clive James

Adrian Chiles

Adrian Chiles

Adrian Chiles is to front his own chatshow.

The Brummie broadcaster - who currently fronts 'Daybreak' alongside Christine Bleakley - has been given the opportunity to host 'That Sunday Night Show' in an ITV1 bid to turn the 43-year-old star into the UK's answer to Australian king of chat Clive James.

In addition to holding exclusive chats with celebrity guests during the show - which is to be piloted in December - football pundit Adrian will also look at the week's current events.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "It will be built around Adrian's personality, so it will have humour and be thought-provoking. We see him as a successor to Clive James, they share the same wry approach to life."

Meanwhile, the presenter's co-host Christine Bleakley - who left BBC One's 'The One Show' as part of a £4 million deal to launch the new morning programme in September - has blamed Daybreak's poor ratings on "teething problems", and has vowed to stick by the show.

The brunette beauty claimed despite the number of viewers slumping to just 530,000 - a third of that of its rival 'BBC Breakfast' - she always knew it would be difficult to replace ITV1 morning favourite 'GMTV'.

Christine said: "We always knew it was going to be hard. Any show has its teething problems. We knew going in that the ratings would drop, we were waiting for it - and people are treating it like it's something unexpected.

"It's always difficult to launch a new show and I'm exhausted - getting up at 3am every day takes its toll on you - but I'm not going anywhere. It's unfortunate other people don't quite believe in us yet."


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