Edinburgh's Az-tech club comes to a close

Edinburgh's Az-tech club comes to a close

Residents head up final night at The Caves

‘Az-Tech started as a breaks night. We just wanted a place to play out the music we like and bring breaks to Edinburgh,’ explains Amy Fowler (aka resident DJ Siren). ‘But it’s evolved, our music policy is really loose, it’s just party tunes.’ Broadening their playlist to include drum & bass, techno, house and electro, the night has diversified. ‘Our guests play a real mix but most of the time it’s bass heavy because that’s what we know people in Edinburgh love. They love heavy music and big peak time anthems.’

Aiming to fill a gap in Edinburgh’s clubland after the closure of venues such as La Belle Angele, The Venue and the Honeycomb, Az-Tech launched at The Caves in 2007, playing host to guests such as Far Too Loud, Maelstrom, Plaza de Funk and Hexadecimal alongside resident graffiti art collective The Too Much Fun Club. But all good things must come to an end, and with the last member of the resident DJ team (made up of Siren, Al Majik and Re:Tox) moving away from Edinburgh, this November date will be the last ever Az-Tech.

‘We’re bringing our favourite local DJs down and we’ve got a surprise mystery guest who is rumoured to be making his last ever UK appearance. For the regulars it’ll definitely be a pleasant surprise,’ adds Fowler cryptically. ‘Headlining will be the three residents and we’ll be doing a back-to-back mash-up for the last two hours – there’s something great about ending it with a bang.’

The Caves, Edinburgh, Fri 5 Nov

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