George Barber: The Long Commute/Jaygo Bloom: Arcade

George Barber: The Long Commute/Jaygo Bloom: Arcade

George Barber - India Shout Match

Joint DCA show references video games, club culture and scratch video scene

Club culture is the ultimate creative hub. Beyond – but probably because of – its dazed and confused hedonism, the dance-floor and chill-out room are inspirational eye- and ear-openers. Both artists in these parallel shows are direct descendents of such creative speakeasies in what is itself a pan-generational mash-up. Barber came out of the 1980s scratch video scene, the visual cut’n’paste equivalent of hip hop, and here showcases a gloriously scattershot selection of retrospective films that manipulate disparate source materials to take a wryly oppositionist stance. The show’s title work recalls scalectrix by way of an endlessly hypnotic highway. A new piece, ‘India Shout Match’, is a pricelessly homespun gladiatorial spectacle that could yet make a gameshow.

Bloom’s large-scale installations reference first-generation video games in a dizzying immersive pinball of sound and vision that resembles the zing of a retro-styled son et lumiere sci-fi fun palace. It’s the insistently subliminal repetition, repetition, repetition of both artists’ works, however, that really makes its presence felt with an infectiously subversive humour designed to feed the hungry young minds of those attending the Discovery festival of film for young people elsewhere in the DCA.

Dundee Contemporary Arts, until Thu 14 Nov

The Long Commute/Arcade

Side-by-side exhibitions featuring new work from two of the UK's foremost video artists, George Barber and Jaygo Bloom.

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