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  • 2 October 2006

Theatre news

There’s so much happening in the theatre at present that Whispers is once again forced to put aside his usual egotistical ravings to flag up some entertainments that we couldn’t find space for amid our rush of reviews.

The Tron are putting up their first big production of the autumn with The Tempest, their first Shakespeare in a good while, directed by Paddy Cunneen, who we’d normally associate with musical direction, a job he’s distinguished himself in throughout the UK. So music, which, in any case plays a prominent role in the play, might be a stand out here. So, too, might the cast, which includes the likes of Alison Peebles, Paul Thomas Hickey and Paul Blair. Precisely what approach Cunneen will take to the play, which sees the exiled Prospero reunited with his court after a long exile on an island of magic and phantasmagorical creatures remains to be seen, but the particular spell that Shakespeare’s ‘retirement’ play casts on its audience will no doubt return again. You can see it from 12-28 October at the Tron.

Meanwhile, at Theatre Workshop, a more tangibly political piece is in the offing with One Hour Before Sunrise, a play by Ghazi Hussein about a Palestinian poet who’s arrested and tortured in a Middle Eastern jail. This promises to be strong meat for any audience, but seems to have something to say that we might all need to hear. It runs from the 4th until the 14th of August at Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh, then tours to Gilmorehill in Glasgow.

A little further ahead, Michael Emans’ Rapture continues to bring Scottish premieres to our stages, this time with Frozen, Bryoney Laverey’s tale of a mother whose child disappears, and who’s left in a state of denial until, years later, she confronts the man that abducted her daughter. It looks like strong stuff, with an equally strong cast, which begins its run at the East Kilbride Arts Centre on 19 and 20 October.

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