Vic Godard and Subway Sect - We Come As Aliens (4 stars)

Vic Godard and Subway Sect - We Come As Aliens


Without South London’s existentially inclined postman, the history of Scottish pop from Orange Juice and Fire Engines onwards would’ve sounded a whole lot less jangular. Godard’s latest incarnation of Subway Sect produce a glorious mélange of post-punk Northern Soul and supper-club show-tunes to dress up a collection of acutely observed social-realist protest songs delivered in Godard’s nasal drawl.

Godard even manages to make Francoise Hardy’s 1960s chic-beat pounder, ‘Et Meme’ come on like a thrashier two-chord take on the Kursall Flyer’s kitsch-in-synch smash, ‘Little Does She Know,’ sounding as appositely English as fish and chips here as on the barbed critique of the big Society con-trick everywhere else.

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