The Concretes - WYWH (2 stars)

  • The List
  • 2 November 2010
The Concretes - WYWH

(Licking Fingers)

These Swedes are again guilty of attempting to flog a dead horse, just as they did with 2007’s Hey Trouble – both albums having arrived since the messy departure of singularly gorgeous of voice frontwoman Victoria Bergsman (whose post-split solo output has been little more satisfying).

WYWH doesn’t want for stylish playing and production amid its enveloping sheen of loungey disco. It just lacks the warmth of voices and melodies that were once the ornate Stockholm indieists’ speciality – former drummer turned lead singer Lisa Milberg’s vocals are simply too anaemic to make us forget Bergsman’s radiant tones. We do indeed wish The Concretes were here.

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