Wild Palms' emotional and energy-fuelled 'To The Lighthouse' is single of the fortnight

Wild Palms emotional and energy-fuelled 'To The Lighthouse'

Singles and Downloads - 3 Nov 2010

Nadine Coyle first shot to fame with Girls Aloud, Steve Mason is ex-Beta Band and Kele used to be in (yes, yes we get it now) Bloc Party. So it’s a ‘solo project’ party to kick things off in The List’s singles swag bag this issue. Sadly ‘Insatiable’ (Black Pen Records) (zero stars) is a shockingly dated stab at electro rock (that’s you Coyle) so it’s up to Mason’s ‘Boys Outside’ (Domino) ●●● and Kele’s ‘On The Lam’ (Wichita/Polydor) ●●● to lighten the mood. And they do of sorts, both are spectacular in a beautifully melancholy way – so we’re smiling through the tears…

‘Terrible Love’ (4AD) ●●●● by The National, Bob Hillary & The Massive Mellow’s ‘Hear Mi’ (soundEthic/Sonic360) ●●● and Hurts’ ‘Stay’ (Sony) ●●●● are up next and all pretty sweetly sob-worthy too, so let’s move swiftly on to something perkier. MEN’s ‘Off Our Backs’ (IAMSOUND) ●●●● will do the trick; it’s a disco pop treat. Next The Saturdays shock us by actually being good for once with the hugely infectious ‘Higher’ (Fascination) ●●● , and the ‘Sunburst EP’ (Warp) ●●●● by Rustie is mindbogglingly brilliant in a video game music meets prog rock, electro and techno kind of way.

So by the time Edinburgh-based trio Night Noise Team treat us to the gorgeous ‘Burning’ (Permwhale Recordings) ●●●● well, we’re positively beaming. Kings Of Leon and Duffy attempt to spoil things with the depressingly lacklustre ‘Radioactive’ (Columbia) (zero stars) and insipid M&S ad soundtrack-in-waiting ‘Well,Well,Well’ (Polydor) (zero stars) but we bat them off quicksmart-ish with not two but three contenders for Single Of The Fortnight. There’s the heartwarming indie pop of the ‘Golden Ether EP’ (Bubblegum Records) ●●●● by Maple Leaves, Wolf Gang’s superb ‘Lions In Cages’ (Atlantic) ●●●● and the haunting guitar buzz of London foursome Wild Palms (above) whose ‘To The Lighthouse/Draw In Light’ (One Little Indian) ●●●●● is as complex as it is emotional and energy-fuelled. So they take the glory, but only by a whisker.

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