Maple Leaves - Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Wed 20 Oct (4 stars)

Maple Leaves - Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Wed 20 Oct

Glasgow boy-girl four piece are a likeable, unashamedly perky lot

Up-and-coming boy-girl four piece Maple Leaves, who here launched their debut EP ‘Golden Ether’, move to that gentle, bookish indie-pop beat – all bittersweet lyrics, chiming piano and warm harmonies – with which Glasgow has become partly synonymous.

Despite boasting three instrument-swapping lead singers and songwriters who pass an acoustic guitar between them baton-like when taking the mic, they stamp their stuff with an impressive singularity of identity, imbued with weaving, wordy melodies borrowed from the folk tradition, voiced with particularly pleasant, trilling mellifluousness by chief vocalist Anna Miles.

The quartet’s bobbing, chirpy demeanour recalls Saturday morning kids TV presenters; their summery, if sometimes saccharine sound is similarly, unashamedly perky – check out the winsomely groovy song ‘Kirsty’, and their new EP’s title track for proof. They definitely know how to craft a tune do Maple Leaves – a measure more individuality, confidence and volume, and this thoroughly likeable lot could go far.

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