Cher Lloyd's X Factor tears

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  • 1 November 2010
Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd cried thoughout her performance on 'The X Factor' on Saturday night (30.10.10) as she is grieving for her uncle and great-great-grandmother, who both recently passed away

Cher Lloyd cried though her 'X Factor' performance on Saturday night (30.10.10) because she is grieving for two recently lost relatives.

The 17-year-old hopeful gave a haunting rendition of Shakespeare's Sister track 'Stay' - which was deemed the "performance of the season" by judge Simon Cowell - before breaking down in tears over the recent passing of her uncle Edward at the age of just 34, and the death of her great-great-grandmother two weeks ago

Cher's mother Diane told the Daily Star newspaper: "She was very upset. She understands her nan was ill. She was quite old and suffered a stroke. They were very close. She loved to hear Cher singing but sadly lost her sight recently and never got the chance to see Cher on TV."

The charismatic singer had wanted to sing the emotional track as a tribute to the memory of her relatives, but had broken down a number of times in rehearsals for the show.

'X Factor' vocal coach Savan Kotecha said: "Every time she sang that song, she ended up in tears, all week. I had a bucket."

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed the young star endured cruel taunts from school bullies after they discovered she was raised as a traveller, and once lived with her parents in a caravan.

Her uncle Jesse Smith told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It was hard for them. They had very little money and travellers were not accepted. I wouldn't call Cher a Romany because she hasn't spent all her life in a caravan. But she knows where she's from and accepts it.

"At times she's had to put up with kids calling her 'gypo' and 'pikey'. This sort of success just doesn't happen to traveller families. It's been harder for Cher to get where she is because of her background."

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