'The X Factor' war zone

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  • 30 October 2010
Matt Cardle

'The X Factor' contestant Matt Cardle

'The X Factor' house has become “like a war zone” with Mat Cardle falling out with Katie Waissel and neighbours complaining about the noise

'The X Factor' house has reportedly become “like a war zone”.

The 11 remaining acts on the show live together in a huge London property, but are reportedly falling out over their differing attitudes.

Matt Cardle, a favourite to win the show, has been avoiding singer Katie Waissel, branding her a “t**t”, after reports leaked a few weeks ago claiming they had shared a bed.

When asked about the incident, he said: “It was absolute bulls**t. Katie's a fame hungry t**t. Nothing happened. I would never go near her again.

"I'm not speaking to her, I don't have anything to do with her. She's been a d**k.

“I've made my feelings absolutely clear and if she doesn't get it by now then she's more stupid than I thought."

When asked if she could do anything to make amends with him, he replied: "Leave the competition."

Neighbours of the house are also upset with the loud partying of younger stars of the show.

A neighbour told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "They've turned our peaceful neighbourhood into a war zone.

"They play loud music round the clock - some of them are in the garden until the early hours, shouting and screaming. We've complained several times, but little seems to have been done.

"Living here has become a nightmare."

The attitude of the younger contestants is having an effect on the show's older stars, such as 50-year-old Mary Byrne.

Mary reportedly told another contestant: “I can't stand it in the house any longer. The younger ones won't give me any space and are behaving like louts. It's too much and I want to leave."

'The X Factor' returns tonight (30.10.10) on ITV1.

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