Professional costume designer's one-hour witch costume

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  • 29 October 2010
Professional costume designer's one-hour witch costume

Professional costume designer's one-hour witch costume

‘It’s inspired by a European Hallowe’en folk- tale about a doll so beautiful that no one can help falling in love with her.’

Not everyone has access to a warehouse full of theatrical costumes. So, to give some good advice to those of us battling with bin bags and plastic bottles to make our outfits we’ve enlisted Denis Boyar from the Russian Cultural Centre at Glasgow’s Trongate 103. Denis mainly designs costumes for opera and ballet, having worked with the RSAMD and Scottish Opera. As well as showing us some simple ideas (see below), he also whipped up a costume for our model Megan in under an hour, working his magic with a sewing machine and some scraps of fabric he had lying around at home. Simple, apparently. ‘I do workshops all the time with kids, doing this kind of thing. Working for stage costume design is great, you get to do such a range of things. The people you have to dress are such divas – especially the ballet dancers.’

Megan Findlay, 8, is from Beith and likes horse riding.

What do you think of your costume?
I like it a lot. I’m going to wear it to the Hallowe’en school disco. The best costume I’ve made was a cat, but this is better. What will you be doing on the 31st? School disco, and then trick or treating with my friends trying to get as many sweets as possible!

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