Edinburgh Samhuinn marks events from pagan calendar

Beltane Fire Society bring fire and drums to Capital's Royal Mile

Edinburgh Samhuinn marks pagan calendar events

As a nation with some deeply pagan roots, we love any excuse to set fire to things while bashing away at drums. Thank goodness, then, for the Beltane Fire Society, which not only shares these passions, but manages to foreground them twice a year. This month it’s Samhuinn, commemorating the death of the Green Man (summer) and the rise of the Horned God (winter). Head along to catch the epic symbolic battle, accompanied, naturally, by drums and fire.

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Sun 31 Oct.

Samhuinn Afterparty

Celtic celebration of summer's pass into winter at this afterparty from the Beltane Fire Society.

Samhuinn Fire Festival

Hosted by Beltane Fire Society, the Samhuinn Fire Festival celebrates the Celtic New Year, marking the end of summer and welcoming the onset of winter. It takes the form of a stunning torchlit performance along the Royal Mile to West Parliament Square, with acrobatics, fireworks, beautiful costumes and breathtaking…


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