Paul Magrs - The Bride that Time Forgot (3 stars)

Paul Magrs - The Bride that Time Forgot

(Headline Review)

The Bride that Time Forgot is a curious book. It’s part tale of a cosy little town, part time travel (via pinking shears and a watercolour), part vampire hunt, part spoof, and part touching tale of undying friendship among the undead and the not quite dead. Set in Whitby – a town populated largely by otherworldly creatures, many of them undead vampire victims called ‘Walkers’ – it’s the story of Brenda and her best friend, Effie, as they battle bloodsuckers, the perils of the exotic, dangerous land of Qab, and the book group turned cult that has formed around it.

Zany and fun though the book is, it isn’t particularly original. Vampires and vampire-hunters, goddess cults, and lands where the women rule while the men are slaves have all, frequently, been done before. If fantasy is Paul Magrs’ chosen genre then he needs to be a little more fantastical in his creations.

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