Robbie Williams to sing TT tunes

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  • 27 October 2010
Take That

Robbie Williams with Gary Barlow

Robbie Williams is keen to sing on tunes from Take That's last two albums - which they made without him

Robbie Williams is keen to perform Take That's newest tunes.

The 36-year-old singer - who recently rejoined the British band after his departure in 1995 - revealed while he will be doing solo sets on the upcoming 'Progress Live' tour, he also wants to perform some of the hit songs he missed out on recording while he was absent from the band for their last two albums, 'Beautiful World' and 'Circus'.

He explained: "We haven't quite figured out what order it's going to go in. Whether it's me, Take That as a four-piece and then us. We need to discuss it - I want to do some of the tunes from the last few years.

"There's so much stuff to fit in - there's my stuff, the old stuff, the new stuff, the new new stuff."

The 'Angels' hitmaker - who is joined in the band by Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Duncan - admitted watching the group's 2009 'Take That Presents: The Circus Live' tour was what made him want to re-join his former bandmates.

However, he is unsure whether their upcoming tour will be able to beat the success of 'The Circus Live'.

Robbie added: "I was watching it and thinking, I just want to be part of that. I want be in that show. But how do we top it?"

The fully reunited Take That will release their latest album 'Progess' on November 15.

Take That

The prototype boy band have re-lit their own fire and returned to cash in those nostalgia dollars, and have proved far more credible than any of us could have imagined. Now reduced to a three-piece as Jason Orange bows out but Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald soldier on.

Robbie Williams

Big pop hits from the sometime Take That star.

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