5 things you might not know about Armstrong and Miller

Armstrong and Miller on Countdown, physics and toffs

We divulge their encounters with Countdown, physics and toffs

1: Ben Miller did a PhD in physics including a thesis entitled ‘Novel Quantum Effects in Quasi-Zero Dimensional Mesoscopic Electron Systems’. Alexander Armstrong has an English degree. Growing up outside Crewe, Miller’s parents were state-sector teachers while Armstrong hails from Northumberland, and his folks were both in the medical profession.

2: Miller voiced the woolly monkey in those TV ads opposite Johnny Vegas while Armstrong has become the most prolific post-Deayton guest host of Have I Got News for You, having sat in the hotseat 16 times. He then became a serious frontrunner for the Countdown chair when Des O’Connor fled in 2008 but decided he didn’t fancy being pigeonholed as a presenter.

3: In 2004, Miller was Armstrong’s best man and let slip to the press that the stag do (‘the most effeminate in history’) had involved some icing of cakes. Armstrong hit back saying that his crew had gone out clubbing in Taunton. Not sure which activity is ultimately more rock’n’roll.

4: Miller has often been mistaken in the street for Rob Brydon. To the point where he started carrying a photo of himself with the Welsh funnyman to show people who is who and what was what.

5: Their production company is called Toff Media, so entitled because a telly exec said they were too posh to have their own show.

King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 22 & Sat 23 Oct; Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Sun 24 Oct.

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