Plump DJs set for Bass Syndicate Edinburgh date

Plump DJs set for Bass Syndicate Edinburgh date

London’s breakbeat at home on own label Grand Hotel

The advent of dubstep has confined many formerly fashionable styles to the bargain bin which might be described as ‘old-school’ over the last decade or so, but a lot of the purveyors of those classic sounds are changing up to meet the needs of a new generation. Take London’s breakbeat idols Plump DJs, who altered their sound to reflect house and electro styles around about the time they debuted their Headthrash night at Fabric in 2008.

‘We’ve always felt most at home making music that’s fresh and new,’ explains the Plumps’ Lee Rous via email. ‘We continue to develop and strive to better ourselves. We made music that people called breakbeat, now we make music that doesn’t really have a name. Plump music.’ Introduced to each other by Matt Cantor of Freestylers way back in ‘93, the Plumps (Rous and Andy Gardner) betray their 90s roots by the fact their name is porn mag slang for material involving the, err, larger lady, which is just a little bit Loaded.
It’s the last decade, though, which has given them success, including the artist albums Eargasm and Headthrash on Finger Lickin’. ‘Now we have our own label called Grand Hotel, though,’ says Rous, ‘which is a chance for us to experiment with a new musical direction and to work with new acts like Dirty Super Car and Bonsai Kat. Now we’re Grand Hotel for life.’

Bass Syndicate at the Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sat 23 Oct

Plump DJs

Party starting breakbeat.

Bass Syndicate

A one-off special at the Liquid Rooms with the party starting breaks to electro house of the Plump DJs as they make their annual trip to the Edinburgh Festoval, joined by Peo de Pitte.

Friday at Ultra! Gatecrasher

Plump DJs play electro and dance.

Grand Hotel

Plump DJs play electro and techno.

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