Nic Green’s Trilogy and David Leddy’s Sussurus among highlights of IETM

Nic Green’s Trilogy and David Leddy’s Sussurus among highlights of EITM

Scottish Dance Theatre - NQR

Umbrella group assembles Glasgow theatre festival bill

At a time when the threat of cutbacks hangs over Scottish theatre, it might be wise to take a good look at this theatre arts conference, for much of the work being showcased will not – if the auguries are true – be seen again on this scale for some years. Steve Slater, producer of IETM (the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts), this year visiting Glasgow, feels this is an opportunity that involves the whole population of the city. ‘People won’t be able to help but notice that there’s this concentration of work over four days,’ he says. ‘There’s an energy to it that’ll bleed out to people in the city – this isn’t like a medical conference, it will have an impact on the cultural landscape.’

This gathering takes in virtually every venue in Glasgow, and aside from several newly commissioned pieces (Laika’s Bridging and Fish and Game’s Alma Mater and SDT’s Life and Times of Girl A & NQR among them) showcases much of the best of Scottish theatre over the last few years. Among the acclaimed productions on offer are David Leddy’s Sussurus, Nic Green’s Trilogy and Dogstar’s The Tailor of Inverness. What’s notable about these, and many other pieces performed over the long weekend of IETM is that they have an earlier track record of success. You can also go along to one of the many discussion events that will take place in the city by contacting the organisers.

Various venues, Glasgow, Fri 4–Mon 7 Nov


Do-it-yourself theatre piece devised by David Leddy. Armed with map and headphones, participants are treated to a disjointed radio play-style commentary based on 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', which fuses botany, opera and memorial benches to create a tale of love and loss. Up to six people will be admitted every half hour…

The Tailor of Inverness

In this previous Fringe First award winner, writer Matthew Zajac spins an affectionate tribute to his Eastern European father while exploring how history moulds us.


Award-winning performance triptych from Nic Green and her company, questioning what it is to be a young woman in today's society. 'Part of the IETM Biannual Plenary'.

IETM Glasgow

Cultural conference run by the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, exploring the theme of 'Voices', including voices of different cultures, ages and types, speaking in different languages, individually and collectively. The conference itself (based in the CCA) is accompanied by a programme of public…

Alma Mater

A new site-specific piece of theatre created by Fish & Game (aka Eilidh MacAskill and Robert Walton) for this Mackintosh-built school space. Using video screens, audience members will encounter memories and performances linked to school and education. 'Part of the IETM Biannual Plenary'.

Scottish Dance Theatre: Life and Times of Girl A and NQR

Ben Duke choreographs the witty and engaging 'Life and Times of Girl A', while Janet Smith, Caroline Bowditch and Marc Brew collaborate on the thought-provoking 'NQR', featuring disabled and able bodied dancers and a live cellist. Highly recommended. 'Part of the IETM Biannual Plenary'.


Site-responsive performance by artists Minty Donald and Nick Millar on the banks of the River Clyde, exploring the intersections of culture and industry at this highly evocative site. Meet between the Clyde Arc and Bells' Bridge. 'Part of the IETM Biannual Plenary'.

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