'Violent' Lord Alan Sugar

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  • 27 October 2010
Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar has joked that he often gets ''violent'' with his 'The Apprentice' candidates while deciding who to fire in the boardroom

Lord Alan Sugar "gets violent" with his 'The Apprentice' candidates in the boardroom.

The tycoon - who is known for his hard-hitting business attitude - joked that while he can get "angry" and "violent" in the boardroom, he often enjoys a spot of "banter" with the contestants on the BBC One show.

He explained: "Every one of those programmes that you see goes out for an hour and the actual boardroom scene which is normally 10 to 15 minutes, actually in real life takes two hours to film.

"And in that two hours we have a little bit of banter, get a bit angry, get a bit violent towards some of them sometimes, but we also have a bit of a laugh."

The self-made entrepreneur - who is believed to be worth £830 million - also stood up for the candidates, suggesting the likes of Bill Gates and Richard Branson wouldn't perform very well at six in the morning.

He added to ITV1's 'This Morning': "You get these people and you wake them up at six in the morning, and you thrust a set of rules upon them, you shove them out and you put a pressure on them to actually perform.

"Now I've often said that if I got my good friend Phillip Green and Richard Branson and Bill Gates and stuck them together at six in the morning and said, 'Right, out! You're going to make some bread and take it down to the market place and start selling it' they would be out of their comfort zone."

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