The Chap on UK tour to support Well Done Europe

  • The List
  • 26 October 2010
The Chap on UK tour to support Well Done Europe

'proper songs about girls and clubbing' on the road

Not the small magazine for the modern gentleman, but actually a pop group, coming mainly out of London and Berlin. They write ‘proper songs about girls and clubbing’, all arch, harmonied lyricism and staccato rhythms and melodies. They also appear to keep great company – the vocoder-and-synth loving X-Lion Tamer and Ben Butler & Mousepad (also playing at The List’s 25 Year bash) join them for their Glasgow date, while The Voodoo Rooms’ Limbo showcase is well known for introducing hot up-and-comers (such as Frightened Rabbit, Broken Records and Come On Gang!).

With Milk and Young Spooks as part of Limbo, Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Fri 22 Oct; with Ben Butler & Mousepad and X-Lion Tamer, Captain’s Rest, Sat 23 Oct.

The Chap, Milk and Young Spooks

'Lo-fi prog pop' from The Chap at this Limbo night of indie excellence.

The Chap

Electronica-rock from the London-based four-piece.

The Chap, The Limes, Jukebox Invention

The five-piece plays art rock with pop influences.

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