Brooklyn's Yeasayer line up UK tour dates

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  • 27 October 2010
Brooklyn's Yeasayer line up UK tour dates

Psych-pop-experimentalists hit road in support of Madder Red single and bonkers video

The Brooklynite psych-pop-experimentalists probably weren’t thinking about the rebranding of Edinburgh’s Lothian Buses when they named their latest single ‘Madder Red’ (LRT proudly announced ‘madder red’ as the shade of their newly revamped livery), but one can’t help but enjoy an appreciative nod at the synchronicity of it. Public transport aside, we’re glad to see Chris, Anand and Ira (L–R above) on our shores again, touting the aforementioned single, which comes bundled with a clutch of remixes and a compelling (and quite crackers) video in which Kristen Bell (she of Forgetting Sarah Marshall fame) has an emotional adventure with her darling pet – an oozing flesh sack. See video below for a dose of ET-style romance).

O2 ABC, Glasgow, Sun 24 Oct.


Over-14s show. Quirky Brooklyn combo blending indie, punk and Afrobeat influences.

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