A Band Called Quinn - The Beggar’s Opera (4 stars)

A Band Called Quinn - The Beggar’s Opera


Theatre and pop music can often make embarrassingly naff bedfellows, but when Louise Quinn and co appeared onstage in Vanishing Point’s audacious sci-fi reimagining of John Gay’s 18th century satire, their live score was vital to the action. Decontextualised from performance, this studio interpretation remains a moodily melodramatic series of 80s electro-tinged mucky stories from some leather-clad underworld.

From the Morricone-styled gallop of ‘Here’s To Us’ and the breathy jukebox croon of ‘We Are The Scum,’ a triumphal up yours attitude prevails, while ‘The Fuse’ morphs a spoken-word centerpiece reminiscent of Tom Robinson’s ‘Power in the Darkness’ with the motorik disco of Katy Perry’s ‘Hot and Cold’. Take that poshos!

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