Bill Wells and Stefan Schneider - Pianotapes (3 stars)

Bill Wells and Stefan Schneider - Pianotapes

(Karaoke Kalk)

This second collaboration between Falkirk’s answer to Thelonious Monk and one third of German electronicists To Rococo Rot is a languid marriage between top of the range chamber piano sketches and low-end analogue equipment. Recorded in the Dusseldorf showroom of Bechstein piano makers, Wells plays a series of contemplative scales which are recorded live on reel to reel by Schneider, then played back slowed-down or sped up, which Wells in turn responds to. The result of this fragile call and response, complete with assorted in situ creaks and clicks, is quietly textured mood music falling somewhere between Eric Satie and Harold Budd in a deliciously impressionistic exploration.

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