Labels of love: Too Many Fireworks

Labels of love: Too Many Fireworks

too many fireworks sampler by toomanyfireworks

There’s a phoenix rising in our midst, and its designate is Too Many Fireworks. Formed around 2001 by Troika’s Neil Milton (aka Beneath Us, The Waves), it was inspired by Chemikal Underground and enlightened by Electric Honey. The Glasgow-based imprint entered a hiatus in 2006, but it’s returned with guns blazing and a Warsaw HQ: hurray!

What artists have you released to date?
Findo Gask, Errors, Macrocosmica, Titus Gein, Laeto, Flying Matchstick Men, Hector Collectors, Churn.

Do your releases share any artistic or ideological traits?
Not in the past, no – it was much more haphazard than that. I’d like to find a common thread now though. There’s a lot of tremendous modern-classical music out there, and alongside post-rock and ambient artists, I’d like that style to be the backbone of the label.

How can a small label thrive these days?
I think it’s important for labels to understand that old music industry ways are not viable and that incorporating things like blogs and podcasts is a necessity. I’m a huge advocate of new online strategies. Offline too, doing something alongside the label – for instance acting as a promoter – helps to build interest and a fan-base.

Will operating out of Poland change the label, in practical or other ways?
The main difference now is that the label is run entirely online so it cuts most logistical problems. But whether in Poland or based online, Too Many Fireworks will always be a Scottish label.

What’s coming up on the revitalised imprint?
There’s a full digital download reissue of our back catalogue, and a reissue of a very rare album by Germlin called Adventurer’s Companion Vol 1 – he recorded it to sell for one night only at a gig at the Sub Club in 2004, and I think there were only 100 made, so that’s pretty cool. My own [modern-classical] debut EP, ‘Elements’ is new, and we’ve an EP by the Graveyard Tapes and a collection of alternative interpretations of Chopin coming out – plus a monthly Radio Magnetic podcast, and a brand new website, where you can download an eight-track label sampler for free.

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