Small Black - New Chain (4 stars)

Small Black - New Chain


The music that began as a bedroom project. The summery, distorted anthems. The 80s-nodding beats – it’s not as if the world needs another dreamy, foggy dose of lo-fi synths from America. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want it. A lot.

The debut album from Brooklyn’s Small Black is a smudgy, gauzy smear of pop, not unlike the stuff made by their friend Washed Out (Small Black played Glasgow with him a few months ago), or their stylistic big brothers, Animal Collective (New Chain’s producer, Nicolas Vernhes, also produced Animal Collective).

A satisfying follow-up to last year’s understatedly awesome ‘Small Black EP’ (self-released), this is an addictive, never entirely in-focus, dislocated blur of melodies.

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