Various Artists - Fuck Dance, Let’s Art (3 stars)

Various Artists - Fuck Dance, Let’s Art


For all of its swearing and sloganeering, Fuck Dance Let’s Art: Sounds from a New American Underground comes on less like a counter-cultural snapshot and more like a cash-in on the hipster genres variously tagged as chill-wave, dream-pop, witch-house and – lest we forget – shit-wave.

Sure, it’s full of ace DIY synth-nostalgia – Memory Tapes, Toro Y Moi and Washed Out all feature, as do several nods to the upcoming lo-fi electro guard (Peter’s House Music, Slava, oOoOO) – but it feels a bit outmoded in these days of rampant online access; not least because of tracks like 2007’s Crystal Castles/HEALTH indie-hit ‘Crimewave’.

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