Darwin Deez - King Tut's, Glasgow, Thu 14 Oct 2010 (3 stars)

Darwin Deez

An entertaining experience, even if music doesn’t always measure up

'OK, we’re a little nervous cos we’ve only done this, like, once before.’

Not to worry, Mr Deez, King Tut’s is a venue well-accustomed to bands feeling a bit anxious about trying out something new. Although, admittedly, those bands are usually about to roll out a brand spanking new song, not launch into a full-band dance routine, choreographed to the sounds of Enya’s ‘Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)’, mashed up with ‘Testify’ by Rage Against The Machine.

The regular dance interludes are as integral a part of the show as the songs; indeed, it’s the visual performance aspect of Darwin’s stage show that makes it such an entertaining experience.

Unfortunately, the music doesn’t always measure up: some tracks – ‘The City’ and ‘The Bomb Song’ in particular – sadly come across as samey and repetitive. However, with crowd-pleasers ‘Bad Day’ and the indefatigable ‘Radar Detector’ up his lanky sleeves, combined with the whole band’s obvious joy in what they’re doing, Deez manages to pull it off with a certain gangly flair and with bitchin’ dance moves to boot.

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