Yuck - Captains Rest, Glasgow, Mon 11 Oct 2010

Yuck - Captains Rest, Glasgow, Mon 11 Oct

Ex-Cajun Dance Party members give it some power shoegaze

Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg and guitarist Max Bloom’s last band, Cajun Dance Party, signed while still in school, then collapsed under heavy weight of expectation after just one album. In forming this new four-piece – revivalists of that less angsty, more melodic wave of indie rock that followed grunge – they seem to be aiming to please themselves firstly, and throw tastemakers off the scent.

That said, you’ll likely hear Alan McGee shouting Yuck’s name from the rooftops, such is his love for bigging up bands he would probably have once signed to Creation. Yuck would have slotted neatly between Teenage Fanclub and Swervedriver on the label’s early 90s roster.

Powered by a formidable rhythm section of drummer Jonny Rogoff and bassist Mariko Doi, the quartet exuded all the slacker cool and teen awkwardness here of a junior Dinosaur Jr. ‘Georgia’ was a fuzzy explosion of raw tunefulness, while walloping closing ‘Rubber’ resembled a pocket My Bloody Valentine. Leave your quest for originality at the door, and you’ll find Yuck’s own little freak scene difficult to vacate.

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