Nicky Byrne stars X Factor rumours

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  • 21 October 2010

Nicky Byrne and his Westlife bandmates

Westlife's Nicky Byrne started a rumour that 'X Factor' contestant Mary Byrne is his aunt

Nicky Byrne started a rumour that 'X Factor's Mary Byrne is his aunt.

The Westlife star has revealed how he first tweeted that the Dubliner - who is appearing on the ITV1 reality show - was his relative as a joke, but was left shocked when it quickly spiralled out of control.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I was watching 'X Factor', the first live show I think and I was tweeting. I just put something like 'Good luck to my auntie Mary, she's my favourite auntie,' in a p**stake, sarcastic kind of way.

"I did see a lot of feedback coming back, not your average person who replies but I was getting journalists coming back to me going 'No way, is this true?' So I was looking at all of this going 'Oh f**k, this isn't good, I better fix it!' "

Nicky claims he tried to clear up the confusion, but it was too late and word had already spread to Westlife manager and Mary's 'X Factor' mentor Louis Walsh.

He said: "I actually tweeted 'no just for the record she's not my auntie', but that didn't seem to do the job. Then Louis called me the next day to ask what was going on. He actually forwarded me a text from a journalist saying - 'If this is true and you haven't told us before Louis, we need to f**king know about it.' "

Despite his denials Nicky believes it is possible he and Tesco worker Mary could be related after all, because they are from the same area of the Irish capital.

He said: "She f**king could be if you look back down the bloodline, she's from Dublin, she's from Ballyfermot, my dad's from Cabra, which is not far away."

Nicky, Shane, Mark and fourth Westlife member Kian Egan are due to perform their new single 'Safe' on 'The X Factor' ahead of its release on November 8.

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