PETA ask Victoria Beckham to ditch croc skin

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  • 20 October 2010
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has been approached by PETA to reconsider using reptile skins in her new handbag collection and have asked her to watch a video uncovering the exotic skins trade

Victoria Beckham has been approached by PETA to reconsider using retile skin in her new handbag collection.

The singer-turned-fashion designer has created several different pieces from crocodile and lizard skins for her latest range but has been asked by the animal rights organisation to contemplate using different materials.

Spokesman for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) David W. Perle said: "We appreciate Ms. Beckham's rejection of fur and have approached her - 100 percent respectfully - over the suffering of lizards and other reptiles who are often skinned alive for fashion."

The organisation also appealed to Victoria to watch a video on showing how reptiles are killed and skinned.

The disturbing behind-the-scenes footage - which shows snakes being decapitated and skinned and alligators being clubbed with an aluminium bat - of the exotic skins industry is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

In the video, he says: "Exotic animals are mostly unknown to us and so is what they suffer to be turned into belts and bags.

"Every year millions of reptiles are slaughtered so that handbags, belts and shoes can be made from their skin. The animals' welfare is not a consideration to those who hunt, poach and farm them.

"Hunters snare wild lizards and cut them apart with a machete, sever their heads and then skin them. According to wildlife biologist Clifford Warwick most of these lizards are still alive as the skin is torn from their bodies . You can help stop the suffering. Anything that you have that is made from animal skins can be made without. With so many stylish and cruelty-free alternatives there's no excuse for wearing animal skins."

It had been reported that PETA was planning a stunt when Victoria was next in the UK to shame her into stop using reptile skin, including throwing crocodile feet at her.

However, these reports are false.

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