Louis Walsh praises 'pushy' Katie

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  • 19 October 2010
X magazine

X magazine

Louis Walsh admits he thinks Katie Waissel could have a successful singing career because she is both ''ambitious'' and ''pushy''

Louis Walsh loves Katie Waissel because she's "ambitious" and "pushy".

The 'X Factor' judge believes the blonde hopeful could go far in the competition because she is willing to give it her all to follow her dream of becoming a famous pop star.

He said: "I love the fact that she's ambitious. I love the fact that she's pushy. I love the fact that she'd do anything. Let's face it, a lot of these girls in the charts would do anything as well. Look at the two girls around the corner, Dannii and Cheryl, they would have done anything. It's all about ambition. It's not so much about talent. Britney, Kylie, Madonna - they're not amazing girls. But they work it. They work so hard. Katy Perry, too. That's what makes them special."

Louis was initially disappointed to be told he had the over 28s category, but is thrilled to be looking after Irish supermarket worker Mary Byrne.

He explained to X magazine: "I've got Mary from Dublin, who I absolutely love.

"I don't want to lose John Adeleye either. That would hurt me if I lost him. Mary, I'm in for the long haul. It's all about the songs for me. I spend more time on my songs than all the other judges put together."

Louis even think Mary could be as famous as Susan Boyle.

He said: "She can sell an awful lot of records, like Susan Boyle. Absolutely. It's not always about finding a popstar who can be a puppet for somebody. There's enough of those in the charts."

Mary and fellow contestant Matt Cardle are currently dominating polls of fans favourites for this year's show.

The singers each scooped 19 per cent of votes in a poll compiled by Yahoo! TV, who surveyed over 60,000 people, eight per cent more than their nearest rival Cher Lloyd.

John trails the poll, landing just one per cent of votes, though Belle Amie scored little better, taking just a two per cent share.

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