Katie Waissel 'shuts herself away'

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  • 19 October 2010
Katie Waissel

Katie Waissel

'X Factor' contestant Katie Waissel is reportedly shuts herself away when she is criticised on the show

Katie Waissel has responded to 'X Factor' criticism by shutting herself away.

The 24-year-old singer's mother Diana Waissel believes her daughter - who was praised by the judges for her performance on Saturday's show (16.09.10) - is buckling under the pressure of being criticised by viewers and prefers spending time alone in her room.

She told heat magazine: "Katie likes her time alone. She'll be quite happy to go into her bedroom and shut the door - it gives her inspiration to write her music when she's like that.

"Katie's not confrontational. She's very diplomatic - if she was in a situation, she would walk away. She's all about karma. She doesn't like bad karma."

Diana also revealed that Katie - who sailed through last night's (17.10.10) elimination after being in the bottom two last week - hasn't bonded with teenage contestant Cher Lloyd.

She explained: "You're talking about two different people: one's 24 and one's 17. I think you learn how to handle things in life the older you get."

Siana is also worried the programme could be taking its toll on Katie physically, after she fell ill last week.

She said: "Katie hadn't been very well, she had a really bad sore throat and was feeling under the weather. She went to the doctor, who put her on a course of antibiotics and gave her the afternoon off, so she thought she'd surprise me and come home for dinner. It was good to catch up. We watched the show together on TV, looked back at it all and chatted, had supper together, and then she went back. There was absolutely no special treatment."

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