Natasha Wylde to confess?

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  • 15 October 2010
Natasha Wylde

Natasha Wylde

Natasha Wylde may confess to murder in 'Emmerdale' if it means saving her kidnapped son Nathan Wylde

Natasha Wylde could confess to murder to save her son Nathan Wylde in 'Emmerdale'.

The businesswoman and her son have framed Ryan Lamb (James Sutton) for the murder of her cheating husband Mark Wylde (Maxwell Caulfield), but Amanda Donohoe - who plays the murderess in the ITV1 soap - believes her character could come clean when Nathan's life is in threat.

The farmer - played by Lyndon Ogbourne - is set to be kidnapped after he provides false testimony at the trial.

Amanda revealed to Soaplife magazine: "Her motives for not confessing are, and always have been, to protect her family so if that came into question maybe she would."

The actress also believes her alter-ego doesn't hate her husband's secret son Ryan but simply feels she has no choice but than to get him sent to prison.

She said: "Natasha's in denial. She's shut down and feels numb. This is the decision she's made and she has to carry it through to the end. Natasha's frozen her feelings. Now she's come so far she can't allow anything to get in the way."

However, Amanda - who recently announced her decision to leave the show - expects her character to get caught out.

She said: "There are so many murderers in 'Emmerdale' who've got away with it, but I think it's about seeing justice down."

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