Kieron Richardson's Hollyoaks fan shock

Kieron Richardson at Inside Soap Awards

Kieron Richardson

Kieron Richardson admits he was surprised that fans of 'Hollyoaks' were more shocked when he came out than his alter-ego Ste Hay.

Kieron Richardson is surprised 'Hollyoaks' fans were shocked when he came out as gay.

The actor - whose character Ste Hay is about to fall for bad boy Brendan Brady (Emmett J. Scanlan) in his first homosexual relationship - admits he didn't realise viewers of the Channel 4 soap would be more interested in his personal life than his alter-ego Ste.

He said: "The fans have been quite shocked about me coming out as gay, when I think it's quite obvious! They've been more shocked about that than they have been about Ste. I think it's nice that the fans have just accepted Ste being gay straight away, because I was worried that it wouldn't be believable because of him being a real straight character in the past and a bit of a scally."

Despite Ste's newfound feelings for men, Kieron doesn't want to change anything else about his character over the coming weeks.

He added to DigitalSpy: "I was thinking a lot about the storyline - and when you know that your character's turning gay, you can kind of play to that stereotype and camp it up a bit, but I thought that in order to be true to the character, I had to fight against that. I wanted to play it completely Ste, completely straight, with no changes except that he likes men now. I also think what's nice about the storyline is that it isn't the same as any other soap sexuality storyline, because Ste doesn't question his sexuality and it's not about a struggle - it's about domestic abuse in a gay relationship, and that hasn't been done on a soap before."


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