Terrifying dolls stalk Doctor Who

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  • 14 October 2010
Matt Smith

Doctor Who actor Matt Walker

'Doctor Who' is set to be taken over by a group of ''terrifying'' giant dolls who chase the Time Lord in an upcoming episode

'Doctor Who' is set to be taken over by a group of "terrifying" giant dolls.

The Time Lord - played by Matt Smith - will face a nasty shock in an upcoming episode when he is chased by the frightening models which feature giant heads and small features.

The episode, titled 'What are Little Boys Made of?', has been written by 'League of Gentlemen' actor-and-writer Mark Gatiss and will be aired in the spring next year.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "It is going to be terrifying. Mark has delved to the back of his dark mind to come up with this idea."

It was recently revealed that a number of old 'Doctor Who' characters are set to save The Doctor in an upcoming one-off TV special.

The time-traveller is set to be rescued from danger in a special episode of 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' - which will be called 'Death of the Doctor' - where four former Time Lords, two ex-assistants and a number of old enemy's make their TV return.

Former Tardis regulars Sarah Jane Smith - played by Elisabeth Sladen - and Jo Grant, portrayed by Katy Manning, are to unite on screen as part of an adventure to rescue The Doctor, in a story penned by former 'Doctor Who' boss Russell T. Davis.


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