Helen Flanagan scared of street attack

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  • 12 October 2010
Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan

'Coronation Street' actress Helen Flanagan is terrified she could be attacked in the street because her character Rosie Webster is disliked by viewers

Helen Flanagan fears she could be attacked because her 'Coronation Street' character is so hated.

The 20-year-old actress - who has portrayed sexy Rosie Webster since 2000 - is often confronted by girls who shout at her and call her a "b***h" in the street, and will now only go out with friends or her footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair.

She said: "I've had girls say, 'You're such a b***h'. Girls are more b***hy than men but it can be quite dangerous sometimes. It's easier to go out when there's security and you're all together."

However, the pretty actress is adamant she is nothing like her saucy character, and is actually a "proper geek".

She explained: "People say nasty things. I think it's because Rosie's so promiscuous but I'm a proper geek. I just think, 'Why are they mean?' But Scott's not bothered."

This is not the first time Helen has suffered unwanted attention caused by her character.

She said: "It is nice for people to think you are sexy or attractive, but when guys make comments to me I get a little bit embarrassed and prudish.

"Once I was running from work and had a skirt and heels on and this guy who was about 60 shouted, 'Oooh nice legs.' I just turned and said, 'You are old enough to be my dad!' "

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