Matt Smith faces monsters

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  • 9 October 2010
Matt Smith

Matt Smith

A terrifying array of monsters invaded London last night (08.10.10) at the 'Doctor Who Live!' show

Matt Smith faced a terrifying array of monsters at the opening night of the 'Doctor Who Live!' show yesterday (08.10.10).

The actor - who plays The Doctor in the BBC One sci-fi series -children and adults alike were left quaking in their seats as Cybermen, Judoon, Silurians and Daleks battled it out at London's Wembley Arena in the spectacular production, which featured live music, special effects, explosions and plenty of shocks.

The audience was taken on rollercoaster ride with The Doctor's most famous enemies as the 'Greatest Showman in the Galaxy' Vorgenson - played by Nigel Planer and created especially for the show by 'Doctor Who' executive producer Steven Moffat - used his invention 'The Minimiser' to summon the fantastical creatures to the stage.

One unlucky audience member - although really an actor - was captured at one point by the Cybermen and "upgraded", returning as a member of the metal-clad army.

And that was just one of many surprises, which included a flying Dalek attacking The Doctor, an incredible sequence with the menacing statue-like Weeping Angels and various monsters running through the crowd.

Matt watched the story unfold with his model girlfriend Daisy Lowe and when he was introduced to the audience he received a rapturous round of applause and stood up to say hello to his thousands of fans.

The 27-year-old actor does not star in the show himself but appears in a series of video clips shown on a giant screen.

Before the production started he admitted he was nervous about seeing his head appear that big.

He told BANG Showbiz: "My head is going to be on a huge screen. That's unnerving, not just for me but for everyone, I think. No one needs to be seen that close up. But I'm so excited to see it. It will deliver on all the things 'Doctor Who' is brilliant at - fantastic stories, fantastic sets, fantastic music, adventure and scares."

Other famous faces in the crowd included Catherine Tate, who played companion Donna Noble in the show, and screenwriter Richard Curtis - who as well as penning several hit films also wrote the 'Doctor Who' episode 'Vincent and the Doctor' which aired during the last series.

The incredible show continues in London over the weekend before travelling round the UK, including dates in Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool.

'Doctor Who' fans will be interested to know the show is intended to be a sequel to the 1973 TV episode 'Carnival of Monsters' - which starred Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor.

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