Amelle Berrabah banned from driving

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 October 2010

Amelle Berrabah has been banned from driving for 14 months, following her arrest for drink driving last month

Amelle Berrabah has been banned from driving for 14 months.

The Sugababes singer admitted to drink driving in a north London court today (08.10.10) and was handed a fine of £2,000 alongside the ban.

Her lawyer told Highbury Corner Magistrates Court she had been "exceptionally silly" and was sorry for her actions.

The 'Denial' singer was pulled over early in the hours of September 23 on her way to see her personal trainer in Camden, north London.

She admitted she had been drinking the night before, but was unaware she was still over the legal limit to drive.

Amelle, 26, spoke of her shame following her arrest, and called for people to be more aware that you can still have alcohol in your system the morning after a night out.

She said: "When I got stopped, I was shocked. I couldn't believe it had happened. I was really ashamed of myself.

"I just had no idea I would still have alcohol in my system. I didn't know it was possible six hours later. The fact that you can still be over the legal limit several hours later should be better known to people. "People need to be more aware that there's still a risk. I didn't know it could happen and I was caught out. I would never have driven if I'd known.

"I just feel I've let a lot of people down, and I've let myself down. I made a genuine mistake and people make mistakes every day. I put my hands up, but I just want to move on from it as quickly as possible."

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