Graeme Hawley scared of job loss

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  • 8 October 2010
Graeme Hawley

Graeme Hawley

'Coronation Street' actor Graeme Hawley is worried he will be given the boot from the show when his character John Stape's lies are eventually uncovered

Graeme Hawley fears he'll be given the boot from 'Coronation Street' if his character's lies are exposed.

The actor - who plays ex-convict John Stape - worries he could end up out of work and on the dole unless his alter-ego is able to keep his stolen identity secret.

John took on the identity of Colin Fishwick to help him get a job following his release from prison, and Graeme is fearful the truth is about to come out.

He told Inside Soap magazine: "I love being in 'Corrie' - it's fantastic. I'm not necessarily looking forward to the truth about Colin coming out, because I'll probably end up on the dole again! But it's a double-edged sword - when the end comes, it's going to be so much fun to do. Some people go through their whole careers and never get to play out a story like this."

Graeme is also thankful to the soap for helping him meet his actress wife Elianne Byrne, and them having their daughter Audrey together.

He added: "Elianne and I have a lot to be grateful for. We wouldn't have got married, moved house of had Audrey if it hadn't been for John."

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