Alan Sugar rejects Strictly 'nonsense'

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  • 8 October 2010
Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar turned down Strictly 'nonsense'

Lord Alan Sugar has branded 'Strictly Come Dancing' ''absolute nonsense'', admitting he turned down an offer to take part in the celebrity dance contest

Lord Alan Sugar turned down an invitation to appear on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The business tycoon blasted the celebrity dancing contest as "absolute nonsense" and insisted there is no chance he would ever take part on such a programme.

He said: "Stupid idiots - absolute nonsense.

"Come on, that's stupidity isn't it? Cooking and chefs dancing - really?"

The 'Apprentice' star also revealed he is still in touch with many of the contestants from the hit business show, which began its seventh series earlier this week.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "It's a friendly family. Over six years there must be about 80 candidates and I'm in contact with quite a few of them. There's no hard feelings. They will tell you they enjoyed the process."

Earlier this week, Alan admitted he never watches footage of his candidates attempting their tasks and relies solely on feedback from assistants Karren Brady and Nick Hewer.

He said: "If the apprentices are set a task on a Monday morning and it takes two days, they send camera crews out with them and there could be 100 hours of filming.

"When they come back to the boardroom two days later, all I've got is Nick and now Karren to tell me what they saw when they were out and about.

"It's physically impossible to process the films and for me to see them. So all I've got to go on is what they tell me, then you pick it up a bit from a long dialogue with the apprentices themselves, around the table. It's always been like that."

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