David Tennant's embarrassing sex scenes

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  • 8 October 2010
David Tennant and Suranne Jones in 'Single Father'

David Tennant and Suranne Jones in 'Single Father'

David Tennant has revealed doing a sex scene with Suranne Jones in new BBC One drama 'Single Father' was not an ''erotic'' experience

David Tennant's sex scenes with Suranne Jones were not "erotic".

The 'Doctor Who' star - who appears opposite the former 'Coronation Street' actress in new BBC One drama 'Single Father' - admitted he didn't find the experience sexy.

He said: "Whatever you might think, filming a sex scene is never an erotic and charged experience, not that Suranne isn't lovely. I wouldn't wish to be doing it with anyone else! What am I saying?

"Argh! Those scenes are always a little bit embarrassing to do."

However, the actor - who plays a dad-of-four whose life is turned around when his wife dies and he becomes the sole provider for his children - revealed he has his fair share of embarrassing scenes in the show, in particular one where producers were desperate to get a shot of his bottom.

David told Absolute Radio: "There was a bit in this, for plot reasons I won't go into, and actually I don't think it made the final cut, but there was a whole sequence with them going, 'No sorry, we can't see you're a**e. Sorry, go again! We've got to have to go again, we've got to be able to see his a**e. Come on, once more!'"

'Single Father' is due to begin on BBC One on October 10 at 9pm.

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