Jeremy Kyle hit with envelope

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  • 7 October 2010
Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle

Chatshow host Jeremy Kyle was hit over the head by an envelope on his show aired this morning, by an angry guest called Kev

Jeremy Kyle was left shocked when a guest threw an envelope at his head and squared up to him.

In an episode of his show aired on ITV1 this morning (07.10.10), the chatshow host was left stunned when the man named Kev - who was there to learn the results of a DNA test - threatened Jeremy in a four-letter tirade.

Following an on-stage row between the pair, Kev shouted: "What you looking at, looking at me for? Don't smirk at me, bruv."

Kev was on the show - titled "Will our relationship survive two lie detector tests and a DNA test?" - with his girlfriend Elana.

He apparently wanted to check their child was definitely his and that she hadn't been cheating on him.

After reading out the DNA test results, Jeremy dropped them in the guest's lap and caused him to lash out.

Kev jumped up off his seat and, before a security guard could intervene, he launched the large envelope at Jeremy's head.

He then shouted: "Yeah, what? Throw it at me and I throw it at you. Your mum."

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