Dannii Minogue over Osbourne feud

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  • 6 October 2010
Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue over Osbourne

'The X Factor' judge Dannii Minogue admits she doesn't mind her TV rival Sharon Osbourne appearing on the show - as long as their paths don't cross

Dannii Minogue doesn't mind Sharon Osbourne appearing on 'The X Factor' - as long as they don't meet.

The Australian judge - who feuded with the former panel member when they worked on the reality series together, before Sharon quit - admits she had no problem with the outspoken TV star helping judge Louis Walsh choose his finalists, because she was "kept away" from her.

She said: "Louis and Sharon are great friends and I thought it was brilliant that she was there. Honestly, when I used to sit and watch the show, I loved Sharon on it, I really did. I think it was just probably a mistake that we ever met! As long as she's kept away from me, it's fine, but I want to Louis to have his friendship with her and it's good now that Louis has his friendship with me that's not tainted by that."

As well as revealing she was a fan of Sharon's before they started working together, Dannii has also praised her for being confident enough to be honest.

Dannii said during an interview on Heart FM: "She's a really explosive woman and she's very opinionated and that's what you want when you bring someone to the judges home, you want someone that's really going to throw in some ideas of what they think is going to work."

Dannii - who is mentoring the boys group in the show this year - has also defended her decision to put Nicolo Festa through to the live finals.

She said: "He's got that something special, that X Factor, that magic because you're going wonder what he's going to do each week. You may think it's the wrong decision now, but you might change your mind."

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