No Age and Male Bonding on UK tour

No Age and Male Bonding on UK tour

No Age

Five reasons to see Sub Pop's finest noisemongers

For flying the good flag Sub Pop.
Seattle’s indie institution upturned popular culture via grunge kings Nirvana back in the day, but it’s LA duo No Age and London trio Male Bonding (plus, of course, new US signings Mogwai) who best represent Sub Pop’s commitment to 21st century, first-class noisemongery.

For their DIY format fetishism.
Rummage through the back-catalogues of No Age and Male Bonding and delight in a tactile, ear-blasting host of cassettes and 7” singles: hard-to-find slates they’ve respectively shared with the likes of Liars and the Dum Dum Girls. But hey, they’re not averse to commercial necessity: current albums Everything in Between (No Age) and Nothing Hurts (Male Bonding) are even available on CD…

For ‘Tinnitus: and a hook.
Therein lies the gospel according to Male Bonding – a band whose harmonic punk-pop and uproarious riffage is unleashed at breakneck speed. Said manifesto, however, could similarly be applied to the dynamic (and increasingly kaleidoscopic) post-punk pummelled by No Age.

For ‘Songs that we would be psyched to listen to.
The No Age mission statement, meanwhile, reflects the fuzz-pop voyagers’ ear for a discernible (if regularly brutal, deafening and effects-laden) tune – their hardcore punk and DIY ideologies are expressed via skewed, nostalgic indie-rock and melodic blare. Male Bonding’s virtuosic, kamikaze chorales would also hold up to such aesthetic scrutiny.

For the best names in showbiz.
Is there a better named rock ‘n’ roll duo than No Age’s Randy Randall and Dean Allen Spunt? We thought not.

Stereo, Glasgow, Sat 9 Oct.

No Age, Male Bonding and PAWS

Punk and power pop from LA band No Age, with support from similarly noisy sorts Male Bonding and PAWS.

No Age, Male Bonding, John Weise

Alt pop from the Los Angeles-based outfit.

No Age, Male Bonding, Abe Vigoda

Alt pop from the Los Angeles-based outfit.

In The City

Contemporary music showcase with Wednesday performances from No Age, Deaf Havana, Architects, Male Bonding and Factory Floor. Thursday's acts include Mount Kimbie, Sky Larkin, Monarchy, Crystal Fighters and Pulled Apart By Horses. Yuck, Kisses, Skepta, Team Ghost and Castrovalva play on Friday.

No Age, Male Bonding, John Weise, Male Bonding, Brontide

Alt pop from the Los Angeles-based outfit.

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